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I wear the badge of Consultant having commenced work in the IT industry in the 1970's. In the 1980's I was a consultant for Hoskyns Group Plc - the UK's top computing company. I have owned and ran two IT Services Companies, in 1983 project managing and constructing the build of the Royal Mail Parcelforce Payroll System. I learnt my trade at Ingersoll Rand and had many happy years at Sodexho where I was responsible for the HR and Payroll plus the Y2K project. I am now in full time employment in the utilities industry at Verastar in Manchester, (but not in an IT role) - which means I am free to focus on projects which I think are valuable to the Golf Industry. I operate as a Community Guardian (BA019) and a Digital Champion for Manchester City Council. My current project involves my working with Dave Gosling of Bitesize Golf. We have history when David owned YMG (Young Masters Golf) and appointed me as an IT Strategist. I am now acting as a Business Consultant for David working exclusively for him in the evenings and at weekends. To service David I have assembled a team called High5Local associates who hope that with expansion of the Bitesize Golf business there will be increased revenue and that we all will benefit. I played golf for over 50 years and in club golf over 30 years, I am currently member at Didsbury and Withington Golf Clubs in Manchester. More about our project inside.....


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Whilst my manager Feya sees no capacity for my IT skills within her team we do discuss my interets and hobby as a Digital Champion, in recent disussions we have talked about Artificial Intellegence. Feya knows that I am writing articles about Developimg Hybrid Sysytem and knows that I have reached chapters which discuss the design and development of Enterprise Solutions. I elect not to comment on our own IT as my thoughts may not be well recieved as I tend to look towards leading edge technology - which brings us to AI. Following the loss of my son Adam in Apil 2016 Feya has supported me on my road to recovery, and I fully apreciate her help, she is now encouraging me to continue my writing on AI just for myself, not to support David or with the company in mind - just to satisfy my interests.

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