Bitesize Golf Update

On August 5 2018 I was notified by Facebook that the new Bitesize Golf Website was now available. This came as a great shock to myself as in 20177 David Gosling indicated to me that the business was dead and that he was working in a hotel.

We had continued to deliver bitesizegolf,club registartion services as a showcase for how Red Octopus / Redcamel Systems Operate.

The Bitesize Golf Registration Service which we developed for Bitesize Golf - Free of cahrfe under our Community Guardian Scheme has now been taken down. And with it the Css Style Sheets taht this uses has now gone - which is why this website no longer renders.

Myself and Richard Gilbert work as a team - Richard will provde support to me for free amd he is available for a limoted amount of project work as he is very very busy

I have requested Ricahrd to show case his wok and I will take onle of his new styles to rendermy website

I am now announcing on my Blog that I am re-Engaging with Bitesize Golf - Not as a resource Unit for David Gosling but as an Equal Partner and I will now launch my Red Octopus busines Services Limited Company.

A graet deal of thanks need to be mae . - 1 tp david Gosling who without there would have been no project dback ion 2006.

Thanls to Paul And Craig who allowed me to work on YMG Projects in works time.

Thank To Cris Earl at Verastar for employing me and allowing me access to his systems taht offer me so much inspiration and for providing me with a small income to support this project.

A Massive Massive thank you to Charles white who in 2000 gave me 5 month Bootcamp Training

A nother Massive thank you to the Co-Operative College in Manchester for employing me and allowing me a cxolplete insight fow an educational establishment works. Ant to Manchester Adult Education for Empoloying me as an ICT Trainer

Without Doubt my greatest thanks comes to my Current Line Manager at Verastar in Manchester who is giving me opportuities that were not extended to me under Feya - My day timew job is of primary importance to me - To be able to do this with the the knowledge that I have line manager support is pf greta vaule

Whilst My wor on YMG sytems in 2007 involved a lot of anaysis and design during the working day - this is no longer a factor. All the work that we are delivering into Bitesize Golf was completed in 2007 fpr Young Master Golf.

What is now reqiured ids that I revit Visual Studio and re-familairse myself With ASP.NET and MVC. In a bid to develop training material fot Bitesize Golf Children. This is whewre Richard will show his metal - I will be requesting Richard To Supply me with code Samples in to form of HTMl Pages.

I have no intention of learning Programming I my position - I am uch too senior to be invoved with the technical stuff and I have my own setr of proicedures and tools for Database Modelling.

There will now be a lot going on in my camp so i will no longer have the time to visit Hitec Computers in Cheadle. Plus progress with Hitec is proving to be a problem in that there is no Action Plan and I am struggling to get the business to work to a development Stragy - You camn only do so much - when people are not focused on business there is no point trying to push them into changes that they are not sold on.

I have attempted at Hitec to deliver an On-Line shop and an Active Portal both of whch are not moving forward. Without these I am reluctant to invest in Bespoke Packages which they can sell - It is looking like Hitec Computers is a none none starter. Howver they stll offer my 15% discount and the prospect of producing a package that can be sold by Hitec Still Excites me - I am constantly looking for inpiration for a package / Web Service and would welcome any input on this matter

So In Brief

Hello again to David Gosling - BSG Elite is now my active Primary Project - I will be working on it every Saturday and am Assigning a Budgget of £10,000 for my work Only - I will be asking Richard To work Under the banner of Community Guardian untill such time revenue is achieved from Redcamel

On the basis hat it is my intention only top work 1 hour per Saturday on Project Management my budget should last for the next 10 years plus. This is a project that is not going to go away soon.

Alan Bramwell

Developing The Red Octopus Brand - Supporting Guardians

Welcome to

Red Octopus Business Services Ltd is now open for business and can now be contacted at

I wear the badge of Consultant having commenced work in the IT industry in the 1970's. In the 1980's I was a consultant for Hoskyns Group Plc - the UK's top computing company. I have owned and ran two IT Services Companies, in 1983 project managing and constructing the build of the Royal Mail Parcelforce Payroll System. I learnt my trade at Ingersoll Rand and had many happy years at Sodexho where I was responsible for the HR and Payroll plus the Y2K project.

I am a Community Guardian and Digital Champion.

I have given my time freely for the development of Junior Golf for many years, it is something that I like doing and something that I will continue working at. My relationship with Bitesize Golf has worn a little thin due to the rate of progress. Thank you to Hitec Computers, Cheadle where I took up residance for some time. There I drove out the Software House Redcamel Systems with its voluntary division BSG-Elite. BSG-Elite was intended to be the sofware company linked to Bitesize Golf. It is still my intention to target Golf Professionals and junior golfers. Hitec Computers offering 15% discount on their goods and services has been the catalyst for my Manchester Discount Card.

I am very proud of my daughter Emma who is running for charity. Her own website 30For30 is here for you to link to. Please go to her site and donate to her causes.

If you are a small business in need of bespoke development or simply a website please contact me at

As part of the BSG-Elite Project I manage : The Golf Hub

I offer a significantly discounted service to Golf Professionals.

For fun and my own entertainment I manage : Manchester Music in loving memory of my son Adam who has over 80 million YouTube views of his Snaresallday channel.

My latest adventure is my Manchester Discount Card which I hope to grow into a substantial offering.

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