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I do so much that it is impossible to explain here - you can see my podcasts at Empire 2023.

It is now February 2024 i have just been working on Magna Carta and MM Invitational / Howdidido.

These developments are dependant of Richard setting up Redcamel Subscription Services - so Watch this space.

I think it is about time that I started on John Lennon - Give Peace A Chance - I have been working on King Charles III Just Giving.

King Charles III was my entry point before I heard about Tony Blair and William Hague - Quantum - Which happens to coincide with my sites qqqqqqqq and Adamq8

It time that Richard needs to train me in Blazer Azure! for The George Best Academy. I am happy to start Podcasting for Bobby Charlton Infonet.

Stop Press

Things have taken a turn to the worse - my dropdown menus have stopped working - i can not get Framesets to work - Magnacarta is hopeless and will never happen - I can not get the information of golf club by county. Richard is not delivering - Forest404 Infonet Recording and Turin Student Registration Services are not working - we are far away from what is required for the golf hub - at this velocity we will never get on to Q Core and Nimrod Subscription Services. Clients have no wat of recording their Study Buddy Sites.

But I live in hope - I have lost my Protosearch Java Scsript - I am going to have to re-invent it here. Watch this space......


For my sins I am still involved with Hitec Computers - They refuse to implement an online shop called Cocktails and Protopage SSNA.

Lokhul Reporter

Take a read of Lokhul Reporter Issue 2 to see what progress we have been making on organising The Winston Colf Championship / Twilight Golf.

  • Pegasus Hogan
  • AMStat - Pegasus Infinity
  • Quantum Leap
  • The Winston Churchill Centre
  • Help For Heros - Armed Forces Covenant
  • Santanet - Just Giving
  • Hitec Computers
  • Cocktails
  • The Golf Hub
  • Forest404