Introducing You To Pegasus Agile.

Scrum Development is actual work in progress - assigned tasks


This is where I shall log what we are working on.

Back Log Report

Phase I

Stock Recording - Boddons Database (Paul - Required ASAP)

Something usung Power BI (Paul) ASAP

Bsitting - Refined Lavarel (Paul) ASAP

Phase II

Company Structure (Either Angular or MVC/c#) (Richard - ASAP)

Something Angular

Something MVC/C#

The Golf Hub

Part of the BramIT SSNA Hybrid Web Strategy.

HGC Site

Houldsworth Golf Club was my first club. I have fond memories of it. Their new site is quite comprehensive and is a good effort.

Project Nimrod

Houldsworth Golf Club was my first club - a fantastic / friendly club of Honest Golfers and personalities. A great place to start playing golf......t.