Know Your Weaknesses

By far my biggest weakness was the monies that I set aside for golf. I used to find bucket loads of balls - seldom did I buy a ball. One season I bought three dozen at the start of the season - I found golf to be so much easier playing with the same ball.

When I got down to handicap 5.5 I had a put to take me to category one - a short put..... I decided that if i got to cat 1 my next goal would be 2 handicap - to achieve that I would have had to change to a ballata ball.

I estimated playing with a soft ball would give me two shots per round.......... I missed the put !!!

So I must say that my weakness was i had no ambition at golf - I did not play in the summer months when he ball was running - when you reduce your handicap. I enjoyed Autumn / Winter / Spring golf when the ground was soft.