Knowledge is everyhing - take every opportunity that you can to extend your knowledge - become an intellectual vampire.

To become better at golf you can initially do no better than playing with older experienced golfers who will impart their knowledge of the game onto you.

But there wil come the day that golf will be more that a friendly fourball with your mates - you will hopefully strive to reduce your handicao. Saying that there are many players that maintain a handicap 5 or 6 shots higher than their ability.

If you have two arms and two legs with an eye for a ball you should be able to get down to 6 handicap without practising. To step up tpo the mark and join the big boys you are going to have to play with the big boys. You will often find these players unwelcoming - they do not chitter chatter during the round and on thirty six hole competitions they wont join you for lunch. But play with these boys you must - to learn their strategy for golf - It is not about hitting it as hard and as far as you can. The best rounds come when you leave the driver out of your bag!