Health and Safety

For thirty four years I have been trying to get Withington Golf Club to develop an active website that presents the membership with valuable information. The closest I got was presenting the Junior Organiser with a Microsoft Blog when Blogs first came out. Only a couple of entries were made - it was such a shame! I am currently looking at the standards for web design for the UK in a project called Magnacarta. The objective is to set up hubs where clubs can share ideas and resources. I am afraid it is a failure - I have not been able to get anybody interested in joining forces. So I am focusing on Golf BY County and in looking into Cheshire I have found a little gem called Alder Root that is forward thinking and has Safeguarding Documents for Children and Adults available as a download. I have been able to upload these documents into my Xenophon Google project. Alder Root also have a Procedure Manual which I will see if I can copy for my One Hole Wythenshawe Golf / Tennis / BMX / Football and Athletics Club.

Thank you Alder Root for giving me a root to market for my Young Masters International - BSG Elite IT / Sales and Management Training

I have been requested to stay away from trying to teach juniors because of Safe Guarding - I will be negotiating with the Alder root Professional a training program for Golf Club Management

Watch Out for Meeting Management.