Golf Rules

Knowing the rules of golf is important - there are so many. I believe that somebody once described the rules of golf as being a journey from the practice ground to the 19th Hole.

When playing golf you should have a copy of the rules in your golf bag. On one occassion I was watching a Cheshire Vs Lancashire match at Wilmslow Golf Club and an arguement erupted about the sequence of play. I was with my little boy Adam we were waitng on the 18th fairway where we watched a huddle grow on the 17th tee. I said to Adam they might need my help so we walked up the fairway to find lots of angry gentlemen. I politely asked what the problem was and gave them the ruling that it was loss of hole. I was asked if i was sure - I repied if you do not trust me consult my rule book. I always carry a copy of the rules when on a golf course. I was amazed at the lack of organization at county level - I should not be so surprised they are not professionals.