Since 1998 i have effectively been an assistant professional to Scott Currie and David Gosling. I had Community Guardian Contracts to support and train these professionals in IT / Sales and Management in exchange for their professional knowledge. The relationship ceased in 2016 when my son died - we were dong a development of a communications portal for David - I left David in charge of the development because I was in a bad place. Richard took one year developing David failed to implement it - we no longer talk. Communications with Scott is not good - I was told by Withington Golf Club not to visit him. Scott has now moved away from Withington. Scott taught me the Leadbetter way - Feet shoulders width apart - right foot square to the line - left foot slightly open. Flex in the knee imagining that you were resting your bottom on your golf bag. Bending at your waite with arms dropping vertically - head nice and square and relaxed - no tension in the neck. This was setting you up for a two plane swing - but it was something that I did not want to do. I prefered my arms to be exyended away from my body by about 8 inches - encouraging a rounded one plane swing. This gave me distance - 289 yards of carry. I have tried to improve my posture to stop the wayward drives but I never could - I would have had to go into Denis Durnian's Rings.