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Hitec Computers Cheadle - Have your IT Repaired at Hitec Computesrs - Refurb your Old Vista Machines into a Linux box for your children to play at being Computer Scientists. Stratbox / AMStrat - Buy Your Stratbox from Hitec Computers - 15% Discount on Home Servers! Have Redcamel Systems Flesh-Out your Intranet Services - If You are A New Business Start-Up Have Red Octopus scope out your IT Projects and produce you a Strategy Report. Buy your Manchester Discount Card from Kevin Lawrence @ Didsbury Golf Club / James Dunn @ Withington Golf Club / Gatley Print Just £7. Kevin Lawrence - Pegasus Golf Professional Promo by KL Proposed Liverpool Football Club - Tour Event for Pegasus Professionals Kevin Lawrence - Pegasus Golf Professional SSNA Entry Point Manchester United - Proposed Site for Party in the Park - Charity Football Match - United/City/Liverpool/Everton Under 21's Manchester City - Propose Site for The Oasis Project - Party In The Park for Manchester Bands

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This is Stratbox

Simply open up IIS - (that we do for you) - Manage your local host Inetpub - Configure port 80 on your router (Get your service provider to do this - they may need to log in to your PC and change the setting - If they can not then move to Virgin.)