A Fear of Flying

Come visit us at Hitec Computers on a Saturday, for a small investment of just £60 we will have you online with a web presence and well on your way to the solution(s) which you need. Do not have a Fear of Flying book your slot today.....

You will become part of a small group, all on the same pathway, all with the same basic goal but wanting different outcomes.

You will be instructed in Agile Lite Project Management and discover what is meant by N'Tier systems and you will be encouraged to take on the lions share of design yourself.

This is crash course on Extreme Systems Analysis which will save you thousands of pounds in real money.

This is a must course if you are intent on bespoke systems development or if you simply want a WWW presence.

Get Web Savvy for just £60 and be taught about Hybrid Systems Design - Don't just settle with Wordpress / Wix.

We are just a small shop front but we have a big heart we have established links within the industry to service you - we even have computer netwoking / programming skills practising as electricians just right to service your offices or home.

We are reaching out with the vision that we can service all your office needs.

But what is most important... We are here to listen......


Showcase is a Hitec scheme designed to get people back into work or for people trying to get their first job in the IT industry.

We will aim to Kinex (Connect) small businesses to UK based developers capable of achieving their requirements.

We will be looking for complex projects for our established microsoft certified developers to simple web projects for new starters looking forward to a career in Information Technology.

We will be offering Free Training for those willing to invest in our technology - which is pre-configured hardware which allows you to get on with learning without having to take on the huge task of creating your development environment.

Our aim is to have hundreds of students - Nationwide. For a start we will focus on South Manchester.

I am a community Guardian (BA019) and a Teaching Assistant (Ex Manchester Adult Education) As time moves forward I shall continue to develop my On-Line Learning Content.


Are you a student thinking about a career in the IT industry then Hitec Computers is the place to come. We have just the machine which is right for you, we call him Adam#1

There is nothing special about him, he is just a collection of free downloads and machine configuration - simple stuff, but as a newbie you will not find the instruction set on the WWW to do it yourself.

For Adam#1 we just charge £60 on top of the cost of one of our machines, just about the time it costs us to set him up.

If you elect not to purchase a new machine then Adam#1Bespoke might be your next choice, we will inspect your machine and if there is capacity we will install the software, as this is time consuming the cost will be somewhat more than £60, depending on your machine !

Make your move today

Phone Hitec Computers : 0161 491 4919 and ask to be booked on the next InfoNet Session, (Sessions Limited to 7 people per session).

If you can not join the party on a Saturday then enquire about buying Skype time for Hometime Support. Ask about our introductory special rates, you might qualify for free initial start up.

Activity 1

Meet and Greet.

Activity 2


Activity 3

Laying The Foundations.