Celebrating Manchester Music - Remembering Adam Bramwell.


American Golf hold a golf day at Hazel Grove each year to remember Adam Bramwell.

For more informationa about this open golf event you can contact Mathew Radcliffe at the American Golf Hazel Grove shop.

About Home

Adam was a music producer known to his community as Snaresallday

His legacy is the wok he produced on the www both as an artist and a record producer under his own label Flip Recipe - today, Dec 2017 he has over 83 million views.

I have decided to create a website dedicated to Manchester Music and may myself venture into the promotion of Manchester Bands.

Welcome - Here we feature our first performer in this website dedicated to Manchester Musicians.

This is an opportunity for new bands to preset themselves unilising the WWW technologies that is now freely available.

As this website grows we will dedicate pages to bands which want to do their own development and we will provide links to their infrastructure.

What is important is that we will communicate where you can see these new bands as they come foward out of the shadows.

Feature Page - John Atkinson

Our feature page today is dedicated to John Atkinson / Friend of Adam Bramwell.

John is an open mic performer.

John has motivated me to get involved in the music industry. So on New Years Eve 2017 I launched Fac-X TV via Facebook.

In 2018 I will, for my own entertainment, create a weekly channel celebrating Manchester Music, reporting New Talent as I find it.

Codacolor – "7+7" from John Atkinson on Vimeo.

Manchester Music.

Here in the form of You Tube Channels can you find a historty of Manchaester Music.

Redcamel Promotions

This is a zone dedicated to bands that would like to be actively promoted and are available for gigs

The first band in our catalog is Snatch ad can be contacted here : wilco@snatchmusic.co.uk 07768005599