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Johari's Window



What is it?

This theory is concerned with self-awareness being generated through feedback. It is named after the creators Joseph Luft and Harry Ingram.


What’s it about?

The theory states that some of your behaviour is known to you, and some is not.

Likewise, some is visible and known to other people and some is not, which gives us the first diagram, known as the Johari Window:

Process - Top Tips - Johari's Window

Johari's Window


Things that you are aware of and other people are aware of.



Things you know about yourself, but choose not to share with others.


Blind spot

Things that other people can see in you that you are unaware of yourself.



Things that neither you nor anyone else knows about you such as your potential.


What else might I need to know?

Have a look at the pages on Feedback to put this in context.