Process - Self Coaching - Time Management

Time Management

** Please note we would advise that you complete the self coaching section on a desktop computer, as you may need to print out some sections in order to complete **


How well do you manage your time?

To find out, complete this quick questionnaire. Think of the way you work, and from the pairs of statements below, tick the box against the one that is most like you, most of the time. Be honest!






Process - Self Coaching - Time Management

Time management

Further development

Consider the following questions and note your thoughts. There are no right or wrong answers, this is to give you food for thought.


     Was there a similarity between the questions for which you scored no points?

     What parts of time management were your weakest?

     How does this match your own thoughts on the subject?

     What are the implications of this for the people that you work with?

     Do you need to change anything, and if so, what?

     How will you make the change?