People - Top Tips - Buddying Up

Buddying Up

This document is designed as a quick reference guide to Buddying Up

This will enable you to gain knowledge of a particular skill, task or process.

This means you can quickly find the key information that you need and refer to it on an ongoing basis whenever you need to refresh your knowledge.



A new colleague into the business will not be as productive as an experienced colleague, it will take time for a new colleague to become fully up to speed with all our systems and ways of working. They require training, coaching and mentoring.

One technique for bringing a new colleague up to speed quickly is to assign that person to a buddy, someone who will mentor the new employee through the first few days and weeks on the job.


People - Top Tips - Buddying Up

What you need to know

When a new colleague joins your team, that person needs to know everything, from how to use the phone and tannoy systems, where the toilets area are, how to use the computers and Till systems to how to use our AG University to learn and develop.


When you first assign a buddy to a new person, the buddy acts as a guide, to explain where everything is. They will need to do a tour of the store and introduce your new employee to their colleagues as well as providing more specific support when working in the various areas of the store.


Choosing the right buddy

Choosing the right Buddy is important, it needs to be someone who:


     Is experienced in one or more areas of the store

     Is good a sharing knowledge with others

     Works similar times to your new colleague

     Performs to a high standard on a consistent basis

     Can provide constructive feedback during the induction period

     Is approachable, patient and willing to listen if the new colleagues has any questions or concerns they wish to raise


A buddy doesn’t have to be a member of the Management team or necessarily a full time colleague. They will preferably be an experienced colleague who has the skills – both behavioural and technical Knowledge - to give a quality introduction to the Company.

You may also decide to use more than one buddy to enable your new colleague to learn about all the different areas of the store during their induction e.g. they may spend time with someone who has expertise in stock management and someone else who has expertise in customer service.

People - Top Tips - Buddying Up

The role of an effective buddy

A buddy’s role is not about telling a new colleague everything they know it’s more about being there to support when needed.

Many of the training materials in the AG University direct individuals to spend time with an experience colleague and being this person is another key part of the buddy’s role.

A buddy can help a new colleague to learn in a number of difference ways:


     Finding sources of information

     Being observed as they complete day to day tasks

     Observing the new colleague as they have a go for themselves and provide feedback

     Providing moral support


When a new colleague is being inducted it is vital that they are shown and advised according to company best practice. This ensures consistency across the company and will help everyone in store work within legal guidelines for our business.