People - Self Coaching - Strategy & Planning

Strategy & Planning

This document is designed to encourage your thinking around a specific area of your development by providing you with some information and asking you coaching questions to consider how this relates to you and your way of working.


Having completed this workbook you will find that you have:


     An understanding of how to plan strategically.


     Identified current barriers / challenges that you are faced with.


     Considered ways in which you could overcome these barriers / challenges


     Identified things that you could do differently and/or created some plans on how to move forward in this area of your development


You should work through this workbook on your own, consider all questions carefully and answer them honestly. This will enable you to gain the full benefit of this development tool.

Having worked through this document you may decide it would be useful to follow up with a coaching conversation with your line manager to support your continuing development.



Like many other companies, American Golf appears sometimes to be concerned very much with the here and now, and to change direction on a whim. This can be seen as a good thing, as operationally and even tactically it is a good thing to be able to change direction at little or no notice, whether to respond to a competitorŐs initiative, or to gain a pre-emptive advantage over the competition. However, as with any business we need to have a clear vision of the goal, even if the way we reach it may change from time to time. That ability to keep an eye on the goal and keep the company or group heading towards it is known as strategic thinking.

An examples of strategic planning is the store that has a long term (3 years or more) clear vision or outcome goal and has involved the store team in deciding how they are going to know what success looks like and measure it, these are called Performance goals. Then finally they have a plan of what they are going to do or change (Process goals) to achieve this.

People - Self Coaching - Strategy & Planning

Strategy & Planning

Self-Coaching Questions

Strategy Planning

What experience have you had of strategic planning either inside or outside of

American Golf?



















How did planning in a strategic way make you feel and what affect did it have on you and your team?



















How do you feel when you donŐt have any long term strategic plans or a clear vision for yourself or your business?



















Where would you like to be with your strategic planning?


























Who do you know/see in or outside of work that you believe is good at strategic planning?

What do you see them doing? How do they appear to get so much done and always be in control of the plan?