Finance - Top Tips - Managing targets

Managing targets


This document is designed as a quick reference guide to Managing Targets.

This will enable you to gain knowledge of a particular skill, task or process.

This means you can quickly find the key information that you need and refer to it on an ongoing basis whenever you need to refresh your knowledge.



Managing targets is a skill, which doesnŐt come naturally to everyone. Once you have a better understanding of how to manage targets set both by yourself and for yourself, you will find it easier to hit targets which previously you may have struggled to reach and will also become more productive as you develop.


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Finance - Top Tips - Managing targets

What you need to know

Everyone has goals in life but not everyone has the same motivation to reach them. Motivation is the one and only differentiator between normal people, successful people and extremely successful people. It is easy to set promising targets, but as time passes by, it is common that you will lose hope and stop dreaming that you can reach the targets you have set. That happens because you do not inject the daily dose of motivation in your veins. Such dose will help you to keep on working even though sometimes the road seems long and the light at the end of the tunnel is far away. The following are 5 tips to motivate yourself in order to keep focused on your goals.


1.   Keep track of progress

Whatever you are doing find a metric on how you can measure your success. Make sure that your metric is rigorous and not subject to interpretation. Finding a proper metric can be sometimes challenging.

Before you start working, take an initial measure and keep track of it.

Write down the target measure and the date by when that measure should be reached.

Break the time between the start date and the end date into smaller chunks and associate with them a particular measure. Hence the time between the start date and the end date will be a series of mini deadlines that will eventually drive you to your final destination, the final goal.

Using such deadlines you can see whether you are keeping up the right pace or not. If you are keeping up the right pace then all you have to do is keep applying the same technique to reach your target. If you are slowing down, you have to either intensify your efforts or else you have to change the way you are tackling your goals.










1.   Start small become bigger

When setting an ambitious target, you are tempted to apply your maximum effort at once to reach your goals as soon as possible. No!

DonŐt do that. Doing so will suck up your energies at one go, making you unable to keep on working towards your goal? You should start small and intensify you go along. This way you can always challenge yourself to work harder. Challenging yourself is one of the best motivation tips.

Also, when you work your way slowly, you will have a chance of experimenting with different ways how to achieve your goals. You can spend a period of time experimenting with a particular technique and see if it pays back. If you donŐt see any results at all you will have an option to do a U-turn and start using another technique. On the other hand if you see promising results, you can further intensify your efforts hoping that your technique scale up to the next stage.


1.   Find a buddy

Find a partner who is working to achieve the same target. Having a partner to encourage you is an extra boost. Be very choosy when selecting a partner, make sure you select a partner who has the same goals as you. Do not select a partner that has way too high goals or less ambitious goals than yours.


1.   Start today

DonŐt delay your starting any longer. If you know what you want to achieve and you clearly know the techniques how to achieve that goal, simply get yourself started today. You sometimes find yourself procrastinating on your goals, wasting precious time and killing your own motivation. Try to start working towards achieving your goals while you are motivated by the end result.


1.   Celebrate what you achieved

The more you achieve the higher the probability that you will achieve more. It works like that. First achievements are the hardest. Once you get the feel of how to hit certain targets, it will be easier for you to work your way towards the next goal. Use achievement to motivate yourself