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Analysing data

** Please note we would advise that you complete the self coaching section on a desktop computer, as you may need to print out some sections in order to complete **

This document is designed to encourage your thinking around a specific area of your development by providing you with some information and asking you coaching questions to consider how this relates to you and your way of working.


Having completed this workbook you should find that you have:


     A clear understanding of your current performance / situation with analysing data.

     Identified current barriers / challenges that you are faced with

     Considered the way in which you could overcome these barriers / challenges

     Identified things that you could do differently and/or created some plans on how to move forward in this area of your development


You must work through this workbook on your own, consider all questions carefully and answer them honestly. Only then will you gain the full benefit of this development tool.

Having worked through this document you may decide it would be useful to follow up with a coaching conversation with your line manager or an experienced colleague to support your continuing development.



Analysing data is a skill that you can put to good use to help you to:


     Identify the key opportunities that exist to improve your business performance.

     Identify factors contributing to a specific problem

     Measure the effectiveness of an action you have taken.


Analytical thinking has been described as ิthe logic of turning of raw data into useful information.ี Some people will find that the ability to analyse data comes naturally, others less so.


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Finance - Self Coaching - Analysing data

Self coaching questions

Self-Coaching Questions

What experience have you had with analysing data?

How would you like to build on this experience?

Why is being able to analyse data important to you?

What data do you regularly review and make recommendations from?

Where do you get your data?

What do you take into account before you make a recommendation/decision?

Who do you know of that is good at reading and analysing data? How have they gained their knowledge and how can you learn from them?

What obstacles have you come across when analysing data?

When you are even better at analysing data how will things be different?

What impact will this have on your performance?

Summary and Next Steps

What have you learned from this session in being able to analyse data then recommend a course of action?

Who or what is needed to support you in overcoming any obstacles in analysing data?

What thing/s do you feel that you could do that would have the greatest impact on you being able to analyse data effectively?

What actions are you committed to taking?

How will you measure your success? What will people be seeing differently in the decisions you make from how you analyse any future data?

Build your next steps into the grid below and include in your personal development plan