Customer - Self Coaching - Customer Loyalty

Customer Loyalty

** Please note we would advise that you complete the self coaching section on a desktop computer, as you may need to print out some sections in order to complete **

This document is designed to encourage your thinking around a specific area of your development by providing you with some information and asking you coaching questions to consider how this relates to you and your way of working.


Having completed this workbook you should find that you have:


     A clear understanding of customer loyalty levels in your store

     Identified current barriers / challenges that you are faced with in generating customer loyalty

     Considered the way in which you could overcome these barriers / challenges

     Identified things that you could do differently and/or created some plans on how to move forward in this area of your development


You should work through this workbook on your own, consider all questions carefully and answer them honestly. Only then will you gain the full benefit of this development tool.


Having worked through this document you may decide it would be useful to follow up with a coaching conversation with your Line Manager or an experienced colleague on your Region to support your continuing development.

Customer - Self Coaching - Customer Loyalty

Self Coaching

What do we mean by loyalty? Is loyalty about the way we behave or the way we think? And if even we can get a definition of what it is, how easily can we track, measure, and manage it?

Good customer service is all about bringing customers back. And about sending them away happy – happy enough to pass positive feedback about your store, and the Company, along to others, who may then try us for themselves and in their turn become repeat customers.


To impress a customer into becoming a ‘Customer for Life’ is to give more than they expect from the stores service. Customers will then be pleasantly surprised, become loyal and tell others.


This level of service has to be repeated time & time again to be productive.




Current Customer Loyalty

What is the current level of Customer Loyalty in your store? How do you know this?

How would you like this to be?

What behaviours would be demonstrated in the store if every colleague was working to create customers for life?

How would your customers feel in a store that operates as per your answers to the previous two questions?


Summary and Next Steps

What conclusions have you drawn about customer loyalty in your store?

What are the options available to you to increase customer loyalty?

How innovative will you be in your actions to drive the customer loyalty?

Is there one option that will work above all others to drive customer loyalty?

What next steps will you put in place and how committed are you to them?


Build the Next Steps from this session into your personal development plan and store business plan

Customer - Self Coaching - Customer Loyalty

Self Coaching

Learning Log

Having read through the information in this document you should now update your learning log appropriately to record what you have learned and what action, if any this has prompted in relation to your development and the way you work.


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